Club Pro

STF Club Pro of the Year 2022 – Cameron Wittick and Team of Coaches

Cameron has been a coach at WRTC since 2014 bringing robust and accommodating programming to the West Rouge community that has helped foster the growth of the club ever since.

Cameron is well equipped as a coach having both coaching certifications (Instructor, Coach 1, and Coach 2) and many years of being a tennis player, which allows him to understand both the technical and practical aspects of being a tennis player.

On top of being an exceptional coach, Cameron leads a wonderful team of coaches that help run and support the programming at WRTC.

Cameron’s full coaching staff includes:

    • Jamie Anderson;
    • Kate Miles;
    • Meghan Greer;
    • Rebecca Scott;
    • Sean Kinsella;
    • Nancy Kempton;
    • Tanya Williams.

We are grateful to have Cameron and his team of coaches running programming at WRTC this summer!