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Hi everyone,
I’m sure you heard the news – outdoor sports are permitted to open across Ontario on Saturday as part of the 3-step reopening plan (see link below). In an effort to be as open and transparent as possible, we haven’t been provided any guidelines by the City of Toronto of what this means yet. However, until we hear otherwise, we will be moving forward with opening the courts Saturday morning as well as online registration and the court booking platform (ASAP). Note that it’s online bookings only – no drop ins. Prior to arrival at the courts, please ensure you review/follow all the public measures/rules found here. As always, we will be updating the WRTC website once more information becomes available. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-reopening-plan-covid-19-third-wave-1.6033762
Thank you,
Jon Cabell – President WRTC

President’s Message

New and returning members – welcome to our 2021 tennis season! We are proud to announce that the West Rouge Tennis Club (WRTC) will be reopening as a community tennis club this year. Our plan is to offer as many fun-filled leagues and activities as we can while following provincial and municipal public health guidelines. Unfortunately, the City of Toronto has not confirmed what programming will be allowed this year. We will be providing regular status updates to members on the WRTC website and via email once more information becomes available.
Registration will be opening on March 15 for previous members to sign up. For those looking to brush up on their tennis skills, please sign up for lessons with our club pro, Cameron Wittick -email him for more information. If possible, WRTC is also intending to run a series of fun and competitive tournaments throughout the year. Lastly, I would like to thank all the people that help run our club. Without the hard work and dedication of our fantastic volunteers, our club would not be as wonderful as it is.

See you on the courts.

Jon Cabell – President WRTC


  1. If you are sick STAY HOME.
  2. Before playing – Wash/Sanitize your hands.
  3. Wash/Sanitize your tennis equipment.
  4. Bring a water bottle.
  5. Bring and play with your own tennis balls (mark them).
  6. DO NOT touch anyone else’s tennis equipment.
  7. NO Contact with other players (change sides at opposite ends of net).
  8. Return balls with racquet or foot.
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Ontario Tennis Association
Scarborough Tennis Federation
COVID19 Self Assessment
City of Toronto